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And the weigh-in verdict is….I can’t cheat on weekends. Ha! What a concept. OK. Gotta be stronger now. I think my first step will be to omit alcohol from my diet. My party ways have got to stop, because they are clearly keeping me from my goals.

Next order of business. Posting here DAILY holds me accountable  because anyone can see this. Anyone might follow or I might possibly share this link someday with family or friends so they can see how I (hopefully) achieved BIG weight-loss results. Even if it gets mundane or tedious, I will be blogging every meal from here on out (with pictures to keep it interesting).

Today: Breakfast was a chocolate protein shake with almond milk (190cal). Mid-morning snack was an orange (70cal). Sub-total: 260 calories.

Work-out: Tomorrow I have strength training at the gym at 6am, so I’m gonna take it easy today and probably go for a long walk…maybe 3 miles or so. 🙂



Weekend Aftermath

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were tough. My daily goal for calorie intake (to lose weight) is between 1200 and 1800. According to my age and current weight, I need 2100 calories a day to maintain my current weight. So, long story short, I ended up coming in around 2000 every day this weekend. My week 1 weigh-in is tomorrow and I’m wondering if my good eating the other 4 days of the week will show results (loss of 1 pound or more) even though I “cheated” a little. After I see my results I will decide if I can or cannot cheat on the weekends.

Today’s breakfast: yogurt (140cal), granola (140cal), 1/2 cup protein shake (120). Total: 400cal

Weekend Warrior

My biggest struggle is managing calorie intake while maintaining my social life on the weekends! I love to go out and try new restaurants with friends and have a few drinks. I’m trying as hard as I can to stay on track and within my daily calorie range every weekend.

Last night I did OK with just a few drinks while I was out and a very moderate dinner. Striving to do the same today!!

Today’s breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs (140cal), wheat toast with jelly (100cal), 1/4 cup oatmeal (80cal) and black coffee. Total: 320 calories

Jumping Jacks and Other Facts

Did you know that 10 sets of 100 jumping jacks burn 1 lbs of fat? Try to periodically squeeze in a set of 100 jacks 10x this week to melt that pound!!


Today’s calorie count:

Breakfast= Protein shake (170cal)

Snack= Orange (70cal)

Lunch= Chicken and brown rice (400cal)

Snack= Kettle Corn (250cal)

Daily sub-total= 890 calories

I struggle with calorie management the most on the weekends. Today is Friday. I’m going out to dinner and out for drinks after and that means calorie central. Portion control and healthy choices at dinner will help, and a 2 drink (low-calorie) minimum is always good. Let’s see how I do!!

Eat When You’re Hungry

What a concept, right? It took me awhile to finally get around the idea that certain meals have to happen at certain times. Today, for example, I had an early lunch, didn’t get a chance to have a mid-afternoon snack, and came home famished at 4pm.

First of all, going into meal times completely starving is a big no-no for most. It often leads to poor food choices or over-eating. If you can, try to snack often to avoid slipping into the dangerous “famished” zone.

Besides that, the 4pm thing is a hang-up for me. “Too early for dinner…but I’m starving”!!! My advice? Who cares! Eat when you’re hungry. So I had an early mini-meal dinner. I made it a healthy and low calorie one, saving calories in anticipation of the inevitable- needing a snack later in the evening.

I made a fried rice dish with 1/4 cup brown rice (120cal) 1 egg for protein (70cal) 1 cup veggies (100cal) and 1/2 tbsp of teriyaki sauce (10cal). I wanted a little something extra with it, so I had some Wasa flatbread crackers on the side for an additional 100 calories, bringing the entire dinner in at 400 calories.

Daily total: 1080 calories

That leaves plenty of calories for an evening snack in a few hours. 🙂

Time for some cardio!!

Tips, Tricks and Fitspo!

I’ve obtained different helpful tips regarding diet and fitness over the years and have combined some of my favorites to make my own realistic regimen. Some of the most beneficial for me have been:

1. Start your day by drinking an 8oz glass of water. This starts you off on the right foot for an entire day of portion control, satisfaction and accurate water intake.

2. Weigh yourself once a week. I used to weigh in every day, which only made me feel frustrated and discouraged. Women’s weight can fluctuate up to 8lbs due to bloating, water weight, other factors, etc. Weighing in once a week charts your progress more accurately and can be more rewarding.

3. Busy your mind when you feel like you want to eat for no reason. Staying busy is a huge factor. Lately I’ve been indulging in “fitspo” (perusing the internet using this term) and finding pictures of strong, healthy female bodies that keep me motivated, inspired and moving toward my goals.

Calorie count for the day so far:

Breakfast- 1 cup Special K Yogurt/Berry cereal with 1 cup low-fat milk (280cal)
Mid-morning snack- Small orange (70cal)
Lunch- Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken (330cal)
Sub-total (680)

I decided to sleep in and push my usual morning work-out to this evening, just knowing that I will have free time this evening. Tomorrow I’m attending a personal training session at the gym, which will be intense strength training, so tonight I will just do some cardio (walk/run).

First Day=Success!

I like to start out the day with a bigger breakfast and lunch and finish it off with two mini meals near dinner time. I happened to work late tonight, so I had my first mini meal around 5:30 on a break. I had 4oz of Italian seasoned chicken with breadcrumbs (250cal).

By the time I was off work at 8:30pm I was a hungry again, so I had a bowl of Special K cereal with a cup of low fat milk (260cal). I always measure my portion sizes. Also, drinking water with and between meals (and eating slowly) helps you feel more full. I ended the night with a cup of diet hot chocolate (50cal) to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Besides one apple (70cal) mid-morning, I didn’t do any snacking between meals, bringing my daily calorie total in at 1365.


Healthier Fast Food

Eating on the run doesn’t have to be unhealthy. A mini chicken bowl with brown rice from Flame Broiler is just 376cal. With a little extra teriyaki (like I added) it totals at 400 protein-packed calories for a satisfying and cheap lunch.

Right Side of the Bed

Started this morning off right when the alarm went off at 5:30am (only hit snooze twice!) and went straight into a “Pure Cardio” video workout by Insanity. Insanity boasts you can burn up to 1,000 calories per video, but according to’s calories burned calculator (which is what I’ll be using for this blog) I only burned 250 during a 35 minute workout.

For breakfast I had 2 scrambled eggs (140cal) 1/4 cup plain oatmeal (100cal) 1 piece wheat toast (40cal) coffee with 1/4 cup low fat milk (35cal) and an orange slice (20cal).

Breakfast total: 335calories
Calories burned: 250


In the last year I’ve grown attached to certain diet, motivational and fitness blogs. I’m no expert, but I’ve decided to start my own. This page is mostly for myself, but if you happen to stumble across it, hopefully you will find inspiration, new recipes, work-outs and ideas in what I’m posting. My goal is to blog every work-out and meal with pictures, calorie count, and calories burned. 🙂